Who we are

Our website address is: https://iamuglyduckling.com.

Personal data

In connection with your registration and order, you agree by law that we store and use your information in our business to fulfill our obligations to you. “Merkatum AB” (later referred to as “Ugly Ducklings”) Organization number: 556955-6953, protects your personal data according to the Personal Data Act.

We use the information only to be able to process your order and be able to offer relevant marketing via e-mail.

Information or changes to your information

If you do not want information from us, you can easily contact our customer service.

You always have the right to see your personal information that is registered with us. If they are incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to have the information corrected or deleted.

“Ugly Ducklings” uses encrypted data transfer. Payment and personal information is provided through secure online sites. We do not enter into agreements with minors. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent’s permit to shop on our website.

What information do we collect?

Information you provide when contacting us, when subscribing to our newsletter or what you provide when ordering. Cookies may also collect information about your visit, such as demographics, duration of pages or pages visited.

Does “Ugly Ducklings” use cookies?

Iamuglyduckling.com uses permanent cookies for the best functionality.

What are cookies used for?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and that contains information. Cookies are used for purely technical reasons for the website’s functionality, for example for login, navigation and form management. There are two types of cookies, one type that saves a file permanently on your computer and another type that is stored temporarily while you are on the website.

How can you avoid cookies?

If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can turn it off in your browser settings (see your browser’s instructions, the procedure varies depending on which browser you have). However, this means that the functionality of the website can be limited.


Information on this page may be updated, we recommend that users of the website stay updated by visiting this page frequently.

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